Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Time and Vitamin D

Osaka at night. I had less than 24 hours in the city. I never got to go to the museum of takoyaki(octopus balls), but I ate it elsewhere and walked around.
From Osaka, I flew to Kagoshima to visit my dad and my auntie. From there, I took the ferry to Naha, Okinawa. It was about 25 hours one way. Lots of time for daydreaming. It's not such a bad thing to stare at the ocean all day.
It's already spring in Okinawa.
Got to see my bro for the first time in years. This is Naha, where he lives.
Hallo, ocean!
Outside of someone's house. This kid has cool parents.
Lots of pork.
Not too crazy about pork, but the food was still amazing.
I ordered a bowl of soba noodles with bean sprouts and chives. It also came with pork.
Oh yeah, these babies were everywhere. Some dressed up as pigs and other animals. Some were fruit. Kind of creepy.

The photos below were taken in Fukuoka, near my mom's hometown.
And back in Kagoshima. This is my great aunt Toshie in her garden. 92 years old and kicking ass.
Mr. kitty cat giving me evil eyes, but still adorable.
  There are always flowers at my dad's place.


  1. stunning photos. looks like you had a really good time:)
    special greetings to your kicking great aunt!!

  2. Oh, you were in Japan. Great shots, especially the ones from Okinawa. Hope you had a wonderful time. :-)

  3. Amazing photos :) Japane is really beautiful country with breathtaking views and nature.

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  4. Hello, I came across your blog purely by accident but I absolutely love the photos of Japan. I have never really been out of the United Kingdom but I would jump at the chance to visit, and who knows maybe some day I will get the opportunity. Fantastic!