Monday, November 28, 2011

Java Days -- Part III

This morning's breakfast. 3,000 rupiah ($0.33) for rice, noodles, tempeh and tofu. Perfect.


  1. I really enjoyed your beautiful photos!
    And breakfast looks yummy and pretty too.テンペの味はどうでしたか?

  2. thank you, masako-san! i love all forms of tempe. this one was a little sweet with bits of chili peppers in it. it was good. merry xmas to you and happy new year! thanks for visiting :)

  3. oh yes, what a perfect breakfast in a perfect package!
    i fell in love with noodles and rice and all those street kitchens on our trip too. a big bowl of hot soup from the street, didn´t really cost a lot, and the day started well.
    here in the north it´s so, well, different;)