Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Java Days -- Part IV

Ninth-century Hindu temple near Prambanan.

Borobudur, ninth-century Mahayana Buddhist Monument. I've wanted to come here for a long time.

On the bus, near Yogyakarta.


Charcoal in coffee. Yogyakarta.

Crater Lake, Kawah Ijen.
I am back in Alaska. It was -40 degrees Farenheit in Fairbanks last night. I hear it was -65 degrees up north (yow!), where I will be going in a couple of days. Although I am excited about spending another winter in Alaska's Arctic, I already miss Japan and Indonesia. Here are more pictures from Java (Lombok pictures are below). Photos from Japan will be up soon. I hope you're staying warm, wherever you are :)

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