Monday, January 10, 2011


This was my playground up north.
Lady and Shaggy :) I miss all of them. As a kid, it was my dream to live in the country and go on my version of Huckleberry Finn adventures. As an adult, it turns out that I still want the same things.
I still have this where I live now. Can't complain.
It's almost silly not to ski here, considering there is a trail right by my cabin. I went skiing for the first time in my life yesterday. Today, I am immobile. Ouchie...but fun!

My first winter in Alaska's Arctic was magical. Spending the entire winter in the foothills of the Brooks Range, 260 miles away from civilization and surrounded by millions of acres of pristine wilderness was no doubt one of the best experiences of my life. Sky full of stars and dancing aurora, dog mushing in -40F degrees, hearing sounds of winter only audible in silence, bonfires with Arctic friends...That was last winter. In October, I left my haven and came back to the real world. I now live in a real town with grocery stores, restaurants, a university, WAL-MART... I came here thinking that it was time to get a real job and hoping to get some use out of this degree I got.
Winter in Fairbanks has been difficult, in every way. Leaving my life in the country had quite an impact on me. Also, mourning the death of two people who were very dear to me in a cold and dark place with no close friends or family around made the transition extremely challenging, emotionally and mentally.
Things will get better, I know. The sun will come back and it will be very welcomed. I look forward to  going into the mountains, away from cars, traffic, strip malls and crabby people. Until then, I plan on spending the rest of the winter skiing, making delicious and nutritious meals for myself, my sweetheart and our friends, making music and art…and taking care of myself. 


  1. so sorry for your loss kinako. it's sounds like you've had quite a time of it but onwards and upwards I guess. your world looks so beautiful - I would be so happy to have that on my doorstep instead of a road full of cars and buses. keep going with the skiing!

  2. I feel for you...
    Take care and be safe when skiing.

  3. Love these pictures, they are almost spiritual in beauty! Found your blog on the "Next Blog" button, am I glad I did! :) Aimee in Tampa, FL.