Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ah! Alaska!

Greetings from Alaska's Arctic! I have been busy working (and playing!) and it has been months since my last post. Thanks for visiting and saying hello, even though I am inconsistent and not a dedicated blogger like so many of you are. I do have many stories and photos to share with you, so come back soon :)

I am now in the arctic coast of Alaska, just 5 miles away from the Arctic Ocean. In polar bear country! Here, I experienced -65°F (with windchill, it feels like -85°F) and lived without the sun for too long...Summer is here (finally!) and I have been enjoying the continuous daylight (the sun never sets from May to August). The photo above was taken on summer solstice, about 200 miles south of where I live and work. In a couple weeks, I will be heading south once again for a new adventure.


  1. wow, sounds so exciting! looking forward to more pics and stores.

  2. thanks for visiting, dani! hope you're doing well.

  3. Hi kinako!

    Well, let me introduce myself.
    My name is Al, I'm Indonesian living in the US. Anyway, i discovered your blog after I accidentally looking for something in Bogor. I guess you traveled there not long time ago.

    Anyway, I envy you for living up there in Alaska. I always wanted to go there but I guess I have no guts to go there by myself. I hope we can be friend, so maybe i can visit you one day. I don't know when. when I have enough courage I guess.

    Ok, I guess you'll read this when you're online. I'll give you my email so we can get in contact